People love great French Toast, so
get all this stuff out and have fun.
Ground cinnamon
Bread (2- or 3-day old works best)
Pure Maple syrup
Karo Corn Syrup
Confectioner's sugar
Break several eggs in a bowl and beat them with a whisk. Sprinkle a
generous amount of cinnamon, add about as much milk as there are
Heat some cooking oil on a griddle at low heat. Dip bread slices in
the egg mixture, flipping them on both sides, and place them on the
griddle to cook (for a pancake texture dip the bread quickly; for an
egg custard texture let it soak up more of the egg mixture).

Flip each slice when the first side is cooked. Arrange the cooked
slices on a platter, hot side up, with a pat of butter on each. After
enough is cooked for each diner, you're ready to gather.

This is eaten with a lot of choices. Put one or two slices on your
plate, and top them with a combination of corn and maple syrups or
just maple. Put some sweetened strawberries on top of that or at the
side. Dip a small wire strainer in a bowl of confectioner's sugar and
tap it to sprinkle sugar over your plate. Enjoy.

French Toast with fresh orange juice and milk or coffee makes for a
great breakfast.
The Breakfast Anytime Chef presents ...
French Toast
at The Fatted Café
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