Past generations won't
mind if we enjoy their secret.
Use jumbo eggs that are uncracked (soon that's all you'll buy).

Also you will need an egg cup for each person. If you don't have egg cups, buy
some (try ebay for some nice old ones). You'll use them often.

Put a large pan of hot water on to boil. Put the eggs in a stainless steel wire strainer
to keep them from bouncing together when the water boils. Boil one or two eggs
for each person.

Use a 3-minute timer or some way to time exactly 3 minutes. Start the timer just as
the water starts to boil.

While the eggs are cooking make coffee, pour juice and start make the toast so you
can sit down to breakfast as soon as the eggs are ready.

When the eggs have boiled exactly 3 minutes, remove them and put them in a dish
for serving. Now comes the good part.

At the table, place a soft-cooked egg in your egg cup, narrow end up. With a table
knife, crack the shell about a half inch down from the top. Then stick the knife into
the egg and cut the shell so that the cap lifts off with your fingers. Hot isn't it? Just
go quickly.

Salt and pepper the egg white inside the cap and scoop it out with a teaspoon (don't
use the silver-plate for this; the egg will tarnish it).

Next salt and pepper the egg in the egg cup. Stick your teaspoon straight down into
the egg and try to scoop a little of the yellow as you lift it out against the shell. Fill
the teaspoon halfway at most to avoid an overflow.

Take a bite of toast, salt and pepper the egg, and get ready to dip again without
causing an overflow. With jumbo eggs you will frequently find a double yolk, an
added bonus.

Is this not the greatest way to eat an egg? And if you have ever wished you could
go back to Victorian times, you're part-way there. All you need is some strong,
overheated coffee from the wood stove, and how much more Victorian does it get?
Orange juice
1 or 2 uncracked jumbo eggs for each person
A 3-minute timer
Toast for each person
The Breakfast Anytime Chef presents ...
The Soft-Cooked Egg
at The Fatted Café
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