Cran-Fruit Sauce
Over pound cake a la mode ... Yo!
Dessert Toppings
Whipped Fruit Delight
Made (and gone) in a couple minutes
Berry Panna Cotta
The creamy molded crowd pleaser!
Bread Pudding Sauces
Try them over other dishes too
The Cookie Tin
For the holidays or everyday
The Pie Cupboard
Maybe the best part of dinner!
The Sweets Chef presents ...
The Desserts Menu
at The Fatted Café
Cheesecake Whitley
Good fixins from Music City
The Cake Assortment
Including some real tradition
Eclair Cake
Not a cake, but a huge eclair!
Something New
Jello Parfait
The 1970s are back
Apple Cobbler
A pleasant surprise nowadays
Bread Pudding
Old-fashioned but still going strong
The Old Standards
Bananas Foster
With or without the flames!
Strawberry Cheesecake
The most requested one!
Apple Cherry Crisp
A tradition old standby
Busch Mousse
Now you have a reason for leftovers!
Whipped Cream Magic
A tastier way to whip cream
Guard Cat on Duty
Prince William Chocolate Cake
Favorite of Englishmen including the Prince
Homemade Apple Sauce
Healthful comfort food
Lemon Fluff or Lemon Squares
For the party of church gathering!