So how and why does one coddle an egg?
At one time raw eggs were used in many dressings and remedies, but
today we question the risk of salmonella bacteria.

The old chefs sometimes called for "raw or coddled egg" in their recipes.
Today many coddle the eggs for safety.

Our "Old-Country" grandparents used to concoct cold remedies with a raw
egg whipped in some wine or dropped whole in a glass of wine. We
survived those days (really), but we no longer push our luck ...

The Salad Chef presents ...
The Coddled Egg
at The Fatted Café
An egg is coddled by boiling some water in a sauce pan.
When it's at a rolling boil, place an egg in the water, in
the shell, and boil it for 45 seconds ... exactly, no longer.
This is a coddled egg, used by chefs to make dressings.
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