The easy Café method of
getting hard-boiled eggs
out of their shells
After hard-boiling the desired number of eggs, you might expect to
face the job of peeling them individually. But by using the Fatted
Café shelling method, you can shell them effortlessly all at the
same time.

Simply pour off the boiling water. Quickly cold-rinse them to cool
just the shell slightly, and then pour off most of the cold water.
With the cover on the pot, give the pot a vigorous shake.

When you look into the pot, you'll find your eggs all shelled and
ready to be rinsed for use. With a little practice, you can do it.
The Salad Chef reveals ...
Easy Egg Shelling
at The Fatted Café
Now you need the best way to make the eggs.
Elva Rebuck's Hard Boiled Eggs
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