A supermarket salad bar can help with a last
minute platter when you need something fast!
Recently, with company on the way, we found a well-stocked salad bar and
started putting the following in a container.

There were sliced celery and onion. We took some of both for dicing.

There were both chicken salad and tuna salad, so we scooped some of each.
There was also egg salad, and we took some to make the other salads richer.

Before we left, we grabbed some Romaine lettuce and the store's best tomato.

Back home the onion and celery were diced small. Half went into the chicken
salad, along with some egg salad. This was stirred well with a little black pepper.

Then came the tuna salad, which we made exactly the same way.

We tore lettuce leaves and arranged them in the center of a large plate. The
tomato was washed, sectioned and arranged in two rows on either side of the
lettuce. Then both the chicken and tuna salads just mixed were mounded up
between the tomato rows and right next to each other.
The Salad Chef presents ...
Emergency Salad
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