The Sandwich Chef presents ...
at The Fatted Café
Turkey Club Sandwich
Eat-out standard at home
The Penn State Sub
An education in a fresh roll
The New Berlin Hoagie
Simpler for on the run
Ham & Pepper Sandwich
Possibly the most perfect fast food
Tuna Melts
Pizazz from a frying pan
Open Face Chili Burger
Have fun with a knife & fork
Open Face Sardines on Rye
Good hearty Old Country eating
Sardines in a Steak Roll
A surprisingly good sandwich!
Open Face Herring on Rye
The German holidays special
Avocado Chicken Salad
No Mayo but still delicious!
Turkey Bacon Hoagie
The quick but tasty one
Turkey Salad Sandwich
Leftovers become famous
Southwest Chicken Sandwich
Good but not too spicy
Back Yard Burgers
The unbeatable standard
Dave Thomas Classics
The Wendy's owner's lunch
Georgia Dogs
A reason to go to Macon
Cream Cheese & Olive Sandwich
Still good after all this time
Toasted Cheese Sandwich
Your childhood lunch made better
Café Pocket Grandes
Enjoy the taste of deep pockets
Gilled Steak Sandwich
A great way to enjoy steak
Cheese Steak
From your own kitchen
Guard Cat on Duty
Breakfast Sandwiches
Get off to a good start
From the Café Breakfast Anytime menu
Outrageous Sandwiches
Pastrami Cream Cheese Sandwich
Can be made fast during Half Time
The Café Hero Sandwich
You gave your best and need a reward!
Cold Pork Roast Hoagie
Planned leftovers at their best
Hot Meatloaf Burger
Dave Thomas never sold these
The Elvis Sandwich
Snackin with the King
Ultimate Toasted Cheese
An old favorite with pizzaz!