An alley cat out of luck targets a Victorian house for his new home, and when a
new owner arrives he makes his move. This is the true story of the magic that
happens after an old fellow says yes to a troubled wandering cat. Remarkable
abilities are revealed in a cat who just needed some understanding. More clever
and principled than most humans, this comical guy loves life and knows how to
make things happen.

Alf's story has the Silas Marner quality of unlikely soul mates who make a
positive difference in each others' lives. Alf believes in himself and wants
someone to believe in him too. This amazing creature has captured the heart of
everyone he's met. He'll do it to you too.
A Cat in the Old Manse
Don't type! I grab things that move.
Camping is a lot like home.
Original painting for cover art
16 x 20 on canvas by Krista May
Text and photos copyright 2016 Don Busch
Alf with his winning smile, Christmas 2012
Guard Cat!
Two laptops!