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The Fatted Café at The Museum on South Main, Coudersport, Pennsylvania
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The Fatted Café
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The Vegetable
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Keeping it simple
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Our Famous Chili
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Make them special
Munchies to the rescue
Hike 'r Bike
Eats for a walk or ride
Game Day
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Fun outside
Pot Lucks
What to take
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The Real Omelet
The forgotten art
Café Pancakes
The Fatted Café way
Biscuit Sandwich
Fast food or your own
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All recipes
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From Master Chef
August Busch
Click for Southern Dishes!
Pennsylvania Dishes!
German Cooking!
Chinese Dishes!
Italian Dishes ...
Some featured dishes:
Penne Bolognese
from the NYC restaurant where
Frank Sinatra ate this regularly
Chicken Noodle Fry
Museum Curator's Choice Award
White Bean Chicken Chili
Nice chili alternative!
Cobb Salad
from a restaurant creation
Colonel Style
Chicken Pieces
Fast food at home!
Guard Cat on Duty
Bread Pudding
Where leftover bread goes!
Skillet Lasagna
from the stove top!
Country Fried Steak
A Southern-style Skillet dish!
Shoofly Pie
A PA Dutch Regular!
Some dishes new and untried:
Apple Cherry Crisp
A old-fashioned standby!
Buttermilk Biscuits
Country style Cat Heads!
Creamed Lemon-
Mushroom Corn
Great idea made better!
Lemon Fluff
Eastern PA snack food!
Mexican Skillet Chicken
From the McCormick people!
New at the Café:
Mexican Skillet Chicken
From the McCormick people!
Garlic Spaghetti
With or without your sauce!
Pot Pie (Meat Pie)
Choose from 5 kinds!
Quicker and easier!
More Mexican ...
Cheesy Comfort Food!
Corn Omelet
Tasty breakfast or lunch!
Lamb Stew
The old-fashioned Irish one!